WOLO for Her: All Scents


Finally a body splash just for her. Refreshes like a mist but last as long as a perfume. The first introduction of a body mist escorted by amino acids, vitamins and minerals to rejuvenate your skin cells while providing the utmost aromatherapy and comfort. W.O.L.O for Her consists of seven different fragrances uniquely formulated with tomorrow’s technology for today. Each aroma will follow you around all day and all night. If you have planned for a romantic evening with that special person, make sure your W.O.L.O is not too far behind either on you already or near your person for emergency refreshness. We have researched and formulated these fragrances for different mind sets and moods to represent your personality during the day or throughout the night after a nice warm shower or long bath to set the mood for his next move. Most body splashes or mists are too drying and last for a very short time. W.O.L.O while refreshing and replenishing your skin cells with concentrated dose of minerals, vitamins and amino acids it lasts all day and all night long. It will boost your spiritual energy while your body is saturated with the fresh scent of each flower base used to develop W.O.L.O for her.