By participating in SBMP, your stylist or booth rentals will have the opportunity to join “R&D Salon-Club” and enjoy year-round or lifetime exclusive VIP treatment of your own customized celebrity formulas.

This is a member’s only exclusive SBMP/Chemist relationship whereby the SB can obtain all product and chemistry related information about any and everything.

As a member, everything that used to be behind closed doors will be made transparent and we will be on call to assist with your cost-savings decisions without compromise.


  • Your favorite product prototypes are duplicated and customized for your salon
  • Your independent new product ideas are bottled and submitted to you
  • You can get free small samples of any prototype for your evaluation studies
  • You can order smaller personalized quantities at a time
  • You can select from our product menu or tell us what you want
  • You can discuss or inquire about any product technical/performance/claims info.
  • You can choose your own logo and name and retail your own brand
  • This is a measurable investment that other salons/Barbershops will be jealous of


  • VIP
  • You will receive Quarterly free samples of new launches
  • Direct link between salons and chemist
  • Control the health of your customers hair/Skin
  • Provide global solutions to general salon questions and concerns
  • Recommend general product use ideas for maintenance and treatment
  • Direct product channels with PCR
  • Offer technical “how to” classes
  • Offer range of products and services
  • More than a supply channel- A partner
  • Co~Market introductions